The settings view allows to modify the global form designer settings.

The settings tab

Form Settings

The form settings specify attributes of the HTML form's <form> tag, currently method and action. The other settings instruct the code generator how to supply the HTML form with code, i.e., as client-only or client-server application, optionally with database support, and in a fixed, fluid, or responsive HTML form layout.

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Locale Settings

The locale settings panel allows to specify a locale. Currently, its effect is limited to date related settings. A click on the Locale button open a dialog which allows to select a country.

The initial locale settings The locale dialog

Date Settings

The date settings panel allows to specify a custom date format with custom separators (Unicode is supported) for the date text field and the date string. It supplies the month select component with a month format. The initial date format is yyyy-mm-dd (ISO 8601). The names of the week days and the first day of week (Sunday or Monday) can be localized.

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Datepicker Settings

The code generator creates dedicated date pickers for the regular and the accessible HTML form. Both date pickers use default or localized messages for accessibility and for the title attributes of the date picker elements. The placeholders below show the default messages. A "Locale ..." button for instant localization will come soon.

The date picker settings
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The HTML form's link styles and decorations can be set here. If a Custom option is not checked, the CSS settings of the embedding HTML page specify the link styling and decoration.

The link styles settings

File Upload Settings

The HTML form can have one or multiple file upload buttons (<input type="file" … >). The file upload settings cover: the maximum number of files, the maximum file size per file in Kilobytes, and the target directory on the server.

The file-upload settings