Sample Forms

A snippet from the job application form

Feedback Form A 5-minute form to get started with the form designer. The feedback form sample is a minimalistic input form used to introduce basic form creation, error messages, and the code generator. It shows how to style the form with the 2D drawing tool and how to run the generated HTML form client-only, client-server, and with database support.
Captcha Form The sample captcha form extends the feedback form with an accessible captcha. It shows how to change an existing form, and how to style the changes with the 2D drawing tool.
Conditional Submit Button Form This sample extends the feedback form with a conditional submit button. The submit button is disabled as long as the "I agree" checkbox is unchecked.
Event Form The sample event form is a HTML form with database support. It introduces the dates group and the custom datepickers, both regular and accessible.
Job Application Form The sample job application form is a responsive HTML form with database support. It introduces grouping of related form elements and group nesting to improve accessibility.