Date Settings

The initial date format settings


The date settings allow to define a date format with custom date elements and custom separators for

  1. entering, parsing, and displaying dates in a date text field.
  2. displaying dates in a date string.
  3. displaying date elements in date select controls.

Month names (mmmm or mmm), can be localized here. Unicode is supported.

The initial date format is yyyy-mm-dd (ISO 8601).

The initial date format settings


Localization can be done here. Currently, the date settings of 20 countries are available.

A missing locale can be created by changing an existing locale. A click on the "mmmm …" button opens the below dialog that allows to replace the grayed default long month names with those of the missing locale.

The dialog used to localize the long month names

There is also a dialog to change the default "mmm …" short month names. A third dialog is available to localize the datepicker's days of the week. Both the days of the week and the first day of week can be specified.

The dialog used to localiize the day names


The below NCSA common long date format was assembled first by setting the two-digit day format as first date component, and then by entering a slash as first date separator. The below options menu shows the date format options with the short-names month format as the selected menu option. Another slash as second date separator and the long year format complete the NCSA date format.

The NCSA Common long date format

The below Spanish date format was reproduced analogously after a click on the "ES" button in the Locale dialog.

A spanish date format

Available Locales.

Chinese date format mm月dd日yyyy年. It uses the separators month 月, day 日, and year 年.

Chinese date format settings

Czech date format (search term: formát data).

Czech date format settings

Dutch date format (search term: datumweergave).

Dutch date format settings

French date format (search term: format de date français).

French date format settings

Hungarian date formats (search term: dátum formátum magyar).

Hungarian date format settings Hungarian date format settings

Italian date format (search term: formato data italiano).

Italian date format settings

Latvian date format (search term: datos formatos).

Latvian date format settings

Norwegian date format (search term: norsk datoformat).

Norwegian date format settings

Polish date formats (search terms: polsky format daty / PN-90/N-01204 Polskie Normy).

Polish date format settings Polskie normy date format settings

Portuguese date format (search term: formato de data Portugués).

Portuguese date format settings

Romanian date format (search term: format dată).

Romanian date format settings

Russian date format (search term: Формат даты).

Russian date format settings

Swedish date format (search term: datumformat).

Swedish date format settings

UK date format.

United Kingdom date format settings

US date format.

US date format settings